by Nucleus

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Dave Muntean - Vocals, Guitars
Dan Ozcanli - Vocals, Guitars
Ryan Reynolds - Bass
Mike Manfredini - Drums & Percussion


released January 18, 2015

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Dan Klein at Iron Hand Audio in Chicago, IL - January 2015

Artwork by Gruesome Graphx

"The Siege" originally by Timeghoul

Nucleus logo by Christopher Horst




Nucleus Chicago, Illinois

Full length album "Sentient" out now! Click here to listen to it:

Nucleus is a Sci-fi themed death metal band based out of Chicago, IL.


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Track Name: Cube
Awaken in a hexahedron
A single hatch on each face
No memory of arrival
Controlled induction of retrograde amnesia

The first dies sliced
Ensnared within the twisting wires
Motion and sound
Chemical sensors detect the beings within
The next one dies
Acidic substance eats to the bone

The edge is reached
A sarcophagus 400 square feet
One man breaks.
Murderous impulses, crippling paranoia
Psychotic delusions of a master plan

Cubes positions shift
Permutations mark the moving points in four dimensions
A paradgim shift
Astronomical calculations to decompose the composite number

A rush to escape, as time runs thin
Follow the path the numbers lead
Impaled, from the back through the chest
Stabbing wildly, with rage unfurled
Trapped between two cubes
The bridge shift slices his torso in two
Track Name: The Great Poison
Energy abundant substance
Morphs beings into horrific creatures
Underground in subsurface
Used on jailed specimens
The phazon initiates

Shattered glass
Unleashed upon the world
Colossi now unfurled
Until there is nothing left
An accelerating trail of death

Research failure
Progress shut down
No salvation
Complete chaos

Sentient toxin
Spreading rapidly

Ecosystem poisoned, corrupting the dead
Struck by leviathan, crack the dimension

The great poison
Track Name: The Siege (Timeghoul Cover)
Look over the battlements
At the burning countryside
There the army of wicked madness
Besieges this castle of will

Feel the frozen wind
From the bleak outer world
The banner twists in agony
Tortured from the world around
The wind seeps through the walls
Whispering revelations of despair
It skulks in high lofted ceilings
A messenger of the fallen realm

The moat displays whitened bloated corpses
A cesspool where the slain float
For miles back their casualties are strewn
Ours burn on pyres smoke replacing sky

Listen to the sound of the pounding
Battering rams
Their black winged echoes
Fly down these desolate halls
Each catapult stone defeats the walls
We labor to repair what falls upon us

The bringers of insanity
Dance bizarrely
In celebration
Of their coming conquest

Look and see their campfires
Like obscene stars fallen to the ground
Wallow in dread at the moment's peace
For the battle always resumes

No shining army will rush to our aid
We are to die in this crumbling tomb

I'm being driven mad
Specters of bitterness and confusion circle my head
The mist goes in my ears and exits my mouth
And within they destroy all they can

The bringers of lunacy have breached the walls
Remnants of innocence put to the sword
Engulfed into the kingdom of the mad
My psyche lays in ruins but now I'm born